Contact Tracing Made Easy

Fast, Contactless, Seamless

Deploy Contactless QR Code Contact Tracing System for your establishment in less than 5 mins.

Is your business having difficulties getting contact details for contact tracing? 
Or are you still using pen and paper to implement contact tracing?
Are your customers frustrated with the  delays in the queues, awaiting for their turn to register their contact details?
Do you think the Pen may be the weakest link in this COVID situation? How many visitors do you think make use of the to leave their contact details? 

Why Contact-Tracer?

Contract Tracer is a simple contact tracing tool for establishments to record their visitors details “contactlessly” 
(Name, Email, Contact Number) with automated Time Stamp for COVID-19 Contact Tracing requirements.
Contact Tracer will generate a unique QR code for each business and when scanned by the Visitors, it will bring them to a Secure Webpage for them to leave their visitation details. This enables the establishment to easily assist in providing Contact Tracing in the unlikely event of a positive COVID-19 case.


Visitors only need to scan the QR Code on your premises to leave their contact tracing details.

Free to Start

It's FREE for the first 10 days and no obligation to continue if you don't like it. No credit card required during sign up.


Everything is stored in the cloud.
There is no hardware to buy. Just make use of existing technology like mobile phone with QR Code scanning app.

Hygienic and safer

Say goodbye to pen and paper! Visitors can now avoid using the Pen, which is possibly the weakest link in stopping the COVID-19 transmission.


Just scan and register. That's how fast visitors complete the contact tracing process.

How it works?

1. Signup

Sign up for a FREE Account. (less than 3 mins)
You will receive a A4 size PDF file with your personalized QR Code in your email instantly.

2. Print & Display QR Code

Print this PDF and display it at your entrance.

3. Scan & Trace

Your Visitors will Scan the QR Code on their mobile phone & proceed into your store while they complete their details on their mobile phone.

4. Get Contact Tracing Report

You will receive an automated email containing Visitors information (Name, Email, Contact Number and Time Stamp) from the previous day, in a simple excel file for contact tracing report.


Contact-Tracer is currently offered as a single plan.
Start contact tracing 

From Just

$16.50 / month

per location

(inclusive 10% GST)

Businesses are using Contact-Tracer

Our Customers

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Businesses using Contact-Tracer

"Served its Purpose. Fast & Easy to Start."

This is exactly what we have been looking for. Couldn't believe it. Took me less than 5 minutes to have the contact tracer up and live (caveat: you need to have access to printer to print out the poster) else it might take you more than 5 mins
Fair - Skin Clinic

"Our Guests Loved it."

Feedback from our guests about this contact tracer in our bar has been excellent. There is no need to share that risky pen again.

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